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My B&B
Can I introduce myself to you:

The sun shines here like never before,
enjoy the holiday together
I have lost my heart to this environment.
The salty sea, the golden sand,
enjoy the peace and the beach.


I am Annet Zwemmer, I have 2 studying children Lisa (22) and Roy (19).
Raised in the Belkmerweg on a beautiful farmhouse.
The passion for a farm has always remained, a big dream to live nationwide and start a private bed and breakfast there ...

After my divorce in 2010, I met my friend Thijs in 2011.
We shared the love and passion for a farm,
so together looking for ... a nice place to go together and also with the children.
In the meantime the children are already partially flying out and we are working together on our beautiful place.
We also life together with our 2 cats and 6 chicken

We have already done a lot of work to make it neat and clear.
Sit in our beautiful garden with beautiful bloomers, trees and shrubs, or just relax on the bike to the beach,
watching sunset is what we really enjoy together,
We also like to go together looking for fun stuff in the cycle or flea markets.
For that we travel a lot through the Netherlands, Belgium or France.

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